• OzX


Australian technology startup, OzXCorp, has today announced the release of the underlying technology to power the world’s first smart caravan, providing consumers the ability to live completely mobile and off the grid for the first time.

The product, ConnX, features one continuous cable that provides a digital infrastructure for your caravan, enabling remote access and data collection from all connected components. ConnX is the base architecture for a suite of enhancements that help improve issue traceability, provides predictive analytics, and enhances warranty management.

Existing recreation vehicle technologies

The recreation market has seen significant adoption of technology endeavouring to add further value, convenience and simplify our recreational experience.

Recreational vehicles (including caravans and marine) share the overwhelming problem of how to integrate these technologies compact, often weight-conscious platforms that operate in dynamic environments.

Manufacturers are now presented with new and complex challenges, least of which is to take a plethora of technologies to their manufacturing floor for install. This complex mix of wires, manuals and fitment techniques leads to inefficiency, increased warranty, and brand damage.

This has led to many products competing in isolation, with little integration or holistic capabilities.

Introducing ConnX, the first caravan digital architecture

ConnX has the DNA of automotive, with the connectivity of IoT, and forms the baseline architecture that can be appreciated by product suppliers, manufacturers, and end-users.

Andrew Huett, Co-founder of OzX, recognises the many stakeholders and their issues in the recreation industry, and has re-written the laws of connectivity and simplicity in the release of ConnX.

“This holistic approach is absolutely required,” Huett said. “The analogy is like having a device for SMS but another device for calls. Yes, it is practical but we collectively rationalised this back in the 1990s with the death of the pager. Now is the time to rationalise the recreation industry and recreate recreation”.

ConnX is not only the merger of once-siloed products but the smart integration of a digital logbook, odometer, RoadTruth®, breakaway monitor, and a host of intelligent features such as being able to check your vehicle signals are working from the convenience of your driver seat.

In real time, ConnX is actively monitoring the health and operation of your recreational platform, while also providing support where your manufacturer can talk, review, and assist remotely.

The power of RoadTruth for understanding your vehicle

The release of Connx provides caravans the opportunity to be completely digital and access data never viewed before. One product that integrates into this infrastructure is a RoadTruth® feature that advises of conditions being experienced directly from your caravan.

If you go beyond the manufacturer's design specifications, a simple alert will educate you to take corrective action. The technology also captures live data from the vehicle ahead to give you advanced warnings.

Servicing and depreciation are now possible with the default integration of a logbook and odometer ensuring only authorised and adequately-trained agents can service and sign your logbook. Combine this with RoadTruth® and this powerful platform can ensure your asset is depreciated correctly. Confidence in the second-hand market is just a matter querying the logbook and RoadTruth® for confidence around your purchase or trade-in.