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Australian technology startup, OzXCorp, has today announced a solution that addresses the consolidation of recreational energy needs with the introduction of a Centralised Energy Management System (CEMS). CEMS is a full turnkey solution, chassis mounted with built-in Battery Management System (BMS) capable of delivering 16kW/hr’s of energy in a system that is 83% lighter than its equivalent sealed lead acid battery solution.

Today’s gas-fuelled recreation vehicles

The recreation market has seen significant adoption of technology endeavouring to add value, convenience, and simplify user experience.

The marine market are early adopters of technology, refined aesthetic design, and luxury. Not to be outdone, the caravan and RV market could now be classed as “apartments-on-wheels”.

However, whilst these improvements have added significant value and domestic luxury, there is a significant shortfall not being addressed adequately, the ability to operate electrical appliances in true domestic fashion in an off-grid recreational setting.

The use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been a standard across the recreational industry, and services the needs of hot water, cooking, and heating. However, increasing regulatory requirements are inducing additional costs and complexity to ensure safety.

Whilst LPG has met the needs of basic recreational activity, a more plausible solution was required to address the holistic needs of the modern recreationist. Additional demands such as air conditioning, use of traditional domestic appliances, true off-grid performance and multiple appliance operation were practical shortfalls.

Tomorrow’s gasless recreation vehicles

OzXCorp Co-Founder, Andrew Huett, has intimate knowledge of the above issues having logged some +70,000kms (+43,000 miles) around Australia’s diverse landscapes.

“We set out to develop a solution that was OEM friendly, designed specifically to enable a gasless vehicle that could omit all gas requirements by design and in harmony with all peripheral components such as inverters, chargers and solar systems,” Huett said.

Andrew intimately knows what the term “off-grid” and sustainability means, living some 18 years without grid-connected electricity, gas, or water whilst still maintaining the traditional domestic experience akin to city living. Whilst he has since moved from the farm block, the same pioneering systems implemented by Andrew and his father remain in place and functional 36 years later.

“When we set out to design a system, we knew exactly what was required to omit gas and bring convenience to our customers in a cost-effective, holistic solution,” said Huett.

A gasless vehicle is a safe vehicle

The holistic approach pays dividends for customers because you are now free from the burden of refilling LPG bottles, plugging into powered sites, with exposure of naked flames and even omitting dust from your caravan and RV. Regulatory requirements of venting LPG and its nasty byproduct, carbon monoxide, is not required, thus you can improve the sealing of the caravan and RV from dust.

OzXCorp’s gasless platform is a solution consisting of a patented solution with bespoke thin-film photovoltaic array, fully integrated 5kW inverter/charger/solar and of course the battery system itself.

“We are working with OEMs to aid their rooftop design to maximize their solar energy recovery, where our smallest system is now 1,560Watts and we are seeing systems delivering greater than 2,000 watts,” said Huett. “It is an exciting prospect because now it is completely plausible to run your air conditioner the whole day and still re-charge your batteries”.

“Kitchen-centric, induction cooktops now grace the bench surface freeing up space and adding a touch of modern feel together with a convection/microwave oven capable of traditional microwaving or grilling/roasting,” said Huett.

He explains further that induction cooking is actually the most efficient form of heating, converting some 73% of total energy to heat where as gas is only 44% as defined by the Department of Energy laboratory measurements.