Australian Technology Startup Ontrack To Enabling An All-Electric Future

Australian Technology Startup, OzXcorp has a founding history starting back in 2018 but despite it’s relatively young age, remains true to its undistracted vision of developing and supplying the future needs of all-electric recreational solutions.

As co-founder and CEO Andrew Huett describes, “Unlike other companies who both manufacture recreational vehicles and innovate, the focus can become distracted and unwillingly slow-down. For
OzXcorp, we live, breath and relentlessly perceiver to deliver solutions that are truly aligned with the current and future needs of our customers.”

“The cultural ground-swell for electrification, the convenience and environmental purpose it brings has truly commenced and OEMs that are not accelerating their knowledge and application of electrification
via a solution-based approach are sure to be left behind” Huett says.

Trailer Electric Drive:

OzXcorp sprung into global headlines in 2019 with the unveiling of what could be the world’s first public demonstration of a true electric driven trailer platform, capable of remote parking, providing motive
assistance to a tow vehicle, regenerative braking as well as some great off-road features like differential lock and antilock braking to name a few.

“Hybrid drive technology is not new but the adaption of these principles to caravan’s is a unique challenge by virtue of the caravan being an autonomous vehicle” says Huett however, “by persisting we
have not only identified the solutions but also been able to deliver a hybrid drive system that is affordable, practical and importantly transposes the electrical energy to your trailers domestic
requirements once you reach your destination.”

However, whilst the electric drive solution is patented, it is not yet commercially available as 2023 will see the OzXcorp team undertake another 25,000km (16,500mi) testing program in preparedness for
commercial release, aligned with pending industry governance and standards.

Fully Electric Trailers:

Whilst the pinnacle of trailer electrification is electromotive assistance, provided by the trailer electric motors, the underlying DNA of storage and power distribution technology developed by OzXcorp has
been commercially available in Australia and New Zealand since 2019 and is enabling trailer manufacturers both on the recreational but also commercial segments to pivot to mass-production fullelectric offerings.

The platform aptly named “DCX” is a deliberate undertaking to provide a solution-based approach that is engineered precisely to deliver either partial or fully-electric solutions. The DCX system removes the need or specialists and allows product managers and industry innovators to quickly rise to the needs of an allelectric, and where required, carbon neutral operational offering.

Practical Touring with an EV:

OzXcorp has a holistic approach to electrification and includes addressing several shortcomings and improvements to ensuring electric trailers can offer better value, convenience and safety like never before.

One key measure that is being addressed is reducing range anxiety when towing trailers with a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

OzXcorp has made significant progress with JV partners on a micro-turbine that has multi-fuel capabilities, supporting most common fuels like diesel but also including hydrogen and propane. This APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) is a direct replacement for any piston type spark or diesel generator and is significantly lighter with a greatly reduced emissions profile.

This APU is not only a backup source of power and heating for the trailer but also a required practical solution to complementing the on-board battery pack that is driving the electric wheels on the trailer.
Without such a solution, the trailer would need upwards of 50kWh of battery storage for a modest trip which in today’s market makes the trailer significantly heavy and more expensive.

Complementary Electrification:

OzXcorp is working in JV partnerships and distributers to expedite a fundamental shift in products that complement the future of electrification. Water heating, water generation, waste and chassis architecture
are to name a few.

Who is OzXcorp?

Founded in 2018, OzXcorp is an Australian based company wholly focused on the development of fullyelectric solutions for the recreational industry with a blank-canvas approach.

Our solutions solve the needs of an industry that is rapidly accelerating towards all-electric living now but with a focus on assisting the pending shortcomings of our emerging electric vehicle market.