Is This Remote-Control, Self-Powered Trailer the Future of Overlanding?

Australians are known for producing excessively-rugged overlanding camping trailers in order to tackle the Outback. Now, an Australian startup called  OzXcorp is working on a prototype that would bring those durable campers into the future  — with an electric, all-wheel-drive, remote-controlled trailer system.

As per New Atlas, OzX is currently testing its “hybrid drive system” prototype. The trailer, thanks to a hub motor and a 14.3-kWh battery pack, would be capable of putting out 11 horsepower in regular conditions, and up to 22 hp for 30-second bursts.

This additional drive system would enable the trailer to play an active role in the driving process, reducing demand on the tow vehicle when climbing up hills and clearing off-road obstacles. The trailer would also be able to propel itself at up to 1.2 mph, with the operator controlling the movement via smartphone. The latter capability would ease some of the most irritating parts of trailering, such as backing up while parking and aligning the trailer with its tow hitch.

The trailer’s battery system can be recharged through both solar panels and regenerative braking. It would also provide power for a range of appliances once the camper is parked.

OzX told New Atlas that development would continue through the end of 2020, with product announcements and potential partnerships announced afterward. Airstream is also developing similar technology, so here’s hoping we see a production version on sale soon.