More 48V off-grid caravans power up

Victorian caravan builder Design RV rolls out new all-electric, full off-grid model

More local RV manufacturers are moving to meet growing demand for gas-free 48V caravan technology, with Victoria-based Design RV and Red Centre Caravans both unveiling new all-electric models or prototypes aimed at buyers who want to run a range of appliances for longer periods off the grid.

Pakenham, Victoria-based Design RV displayed its latest all-electric Mica Series EVX caravan at both the Melbourne and Sydney Caravan Supershows in April, with the starting price of $123,990 for the big dark grey metallic, tandem axle gas-free ‘van making it Design RV’s most expensive model.

Big battery bank mounted in chassis of Design RV EVX

Based on the 20ft 6in Mica Semi V5-2 dirt-road van, the ‘full off-road’ EVX is fitted with the OzXCorp-developed NCE DCX Power Platform that sees five 400 watt rooftop solar panels feeding into a 14.3kWh chassis-mounted lithium battery pack with a 5000watt Smart inverter.

That’s enough to run simultaneously and for extended periods, many of the powered appliances and fittings on the Design RV EVX, including its Euro 30cm induction cooktop, microwave, 216 litre Dometic compressor fridge/freezer, Truma Saphir underbed air-conditioner, and 12V top-load washing machine, when not plugged in at a caravan park.

The luxury EVX ‘van comes equipped for remote area travel with its heavy-duty six inch galvanised chassis fitted with a Cruisemaster D0-35 coupling, 12in electric brakes and 15in alloys with mud tyres, along with ‘Extreme Ultra’ independent trailing arm coil suspension and two 95 litre fresh water tanks and a grey water tank.

The display van also boasted a comfy couple’s layout including north-south queen bed, leather cafe dinette, well-equipped kitchen and separate shower and toilet.

Air conditioner and 48V electrics take up most underbed storage room

Other highlights included electric entry steps and a powered awning, a 28in Smart TV, Fusion sound system, reversing camera, and Sirocco fans.

Meanwhile, at the Melbourne Supershow Shepparton and Campbellfield, Victoria based Red Centre Caravans showcased an in-house designed and built prototype chassis which will form the backbone of an new all-electric, full composite caravan due to be launched later this year.

Custom airbag chassis for new top-spec 48V Red Centre caravan due later this year

Working with local specialists including AccuAir and Pedders, the bespoke heavy-duty chassis will feature a new auto-levelling, off-road airbag suspension and multiple water tanks, along with the same 14.3kWh OzXCorp-developed NCE DCX Power Platform fitted to the Design RV EVX.

It’s currently undertaking testing before it’s used to underpin a new top-spec Red Centre Saisa model, due to arrive later this year with new sandwich panel exterior body panels and interior aluminium furniture framework.