OzX’s Off-Road Electric Smart Trailer Has A 22HP Motor & Can Self-Park

Overlanding has taken off over the past couple years, and while many of the industry’s fully-outfitted, off-grid camper variants are undeniably capable, they lack innovation. Luckily, Australia’s OzX Corp is creating an electrified smart-trailer system for the future.

The new off-road wonder hasn’t been gifted with a name just yet, but it promises to be one of the most advanced tow-behind trailer systems ever built. Calling upon a bespoke hybrid drive system, this hub-driven trailer calls upon a 14.3-kWh battery pack to help its parent vehicle with everyday towing, climbing, and parking. An 11-horsepower output (which can expand to a modest 22-horsepower for short stints) allows smaller vehicles to commit themselves to OzX’s cause. Better yet, the smart camper can even be controlled via a smartphone app for intuitive, 1.2 mile-per-hour self-driving applications. Through regenerative braking, a Centralised Energy Management System, and a suite of solar panels on its roof, OzX’s smart trailer is also entirely sustainable, reducing the need to cut your off-grid adventure short due to low power. The smart RV is slated for development through the remainder of 2020, but you can head to the company’s website to get more information.