OzXCorp cracks US market

Melbourne-developed turnkey 48V all-electric system now available for fitment to American RVs

A game-changing Melbourne company that has led the way in the adoption of 48V all-electric caravan technology down under, has cracked the US market.

Campbellfield, Victoria-based technology start-up OzXCorp, has announced that Florida-based Dave Carter & Associates will be the sole distributor for the Melbourne-designed RV and trailer electrification technology first unveiled in 2019.

OzXCorp cemented the deal after exhibiting at a major conference in the US, described as the “worlds biggest OEM dealer event”, with OzXCorp’s latest turnkey DCE system to be available to American buyers by late-2022.

“To say the reception to our product was exceptional, would be an understatement,” OzXcorp Technical co-founder and CEO Andrew Huett, said.

“It was beyond our expectation and we look forward to supporting the future of RV’ing and enabling all-electric and practical dry camping, boondocking and off-griding throughout North America.”

Melbourne-developed OzXCorp turnkey lithium battery system now available in the US

Huett said the main advantage of the turnkey power solution to OEM manufacturers in the US was that “it can partially or fully electrify caravans, trailers and RVs with a fundamental but intuitive ‘systems’ approach.

“This will enable a fully warranted power platform for OEM Product Managers to make informed decisions without the need for an in-house R&D department or excessive technical knowledge of batteries, inverters, chargers and solar,” he explained.

OzXCorp display at the US RV conference

Like in Australia, American buyers will have the choice of either a chassis-mounted 7kWh or 14kWh automotive-grade lithium battery system, matched to a 6kW 120VAC inverter and 4kW solar charger with a 13.1VDC, 100Amp nominal RV supply.

Huett said the OzXcorp DCX system will only be available to US-based OEM manufacturers for new RV builds.

“OzXcorp and Dave Carter have a team that will work closely with OEMs to help them transition to an all-electric platform or model variant,” he said.

“Fully electric is by no means just the fitment of lots of batteries and product tech, but conversely, the integration of a well refined technology solution such as DCX to a re-imagined all-electric product offering.”

OzXCorp is also working on world-first hub motors for caravans

Since its release in 2019, OzXCorp’s cutting-edge ‘gas free’ power system has been adopted by a number of Australian caravan manufacturers including Retreat, Royal Flair and Spinifex.

The company is working on other high-tech ‘smart’ caravan technology including a world-first hybrid drive unit that would allow a caravan to push a car up a hill, and capture energy from regenerative braking on the way down.